Classic Theatre Costumes, Used Stage Theater Costume & Props

For many years, Studio Arena Theater located in Buffalo NY has been the epic center of Buffalo's Theater District. Entertaining the masses with off broadway productions, this Main Street building was a venue for live productions by the area’s many theater groups, now that longtime Studio supporters. Due to the slowing economy, this iconic theater had to close its doors. With it, years of history, costumes and props were abandoned. Take advantage of the massive inventory of costumes, shoes, accessories and stage props used in the theatrical performances at the world famous Studio Arena Theatre Building. Make us an offer today!

Studio Arena

Theatre Costumes

Classic novels and theatre plays' attire for men & women. Period clothing from the early 1900's to 1960's can be bought at a huge discount. Hundreds' of stage clothing are just waiting to be used again. View More »

Studio Arena

Vintage Clothing

Everyone is into retro clothing. Get a huge selection of vintage clothing by bidding on our closeout lot. Most pieces were hand made during the vintage era and still remain just as new as the day it was made. View More »

Studio Arena

Used Costume Furs

Precious furs that cost in the hundred to thousands are also include in our silent bidding auction. These furs were only used for stage presence. View More »

Studio Arena

Theater Accessories

Belts, Hats, ribbions, scarfs, socks etc.. everything you can think of. Theatrical performances require the little details to make performances that much more realistic. Boxes and boxes of accesories to make any girls day.

Studio Arena

Costume Shoes

Loafers, leather shoes, high heels sneakers, boots. More than a whole wall full of shoes from back in the day.

Studio Arena

Stage Props

Desks, stoves, chairs, photos and much more. Props set the atmosphere of these professional performances. Get all these props with your winning bid.